Becoming Self Resourced

An Experiential CoLab for Change Agents and Catalysts

Establishing An Embodied Foundation Of: True Inner Security - Together!

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but in her own wings.” – Unknown

Precarious. Shaky. Wobbly. Wavering.

We've all been feeling it.

The societal structures we assumed would be "rock solid" and "stable" are clearly - not!

We are collectively inhabiting a planet where VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity - is now the norm.

How are we to respond?

As people all over the planet frantically strive to shore up the status quo, do you have a sense that you are here for a very different purpose?

When you look at the things that are breaking down - are you simultaneously fascinated by signs of potential seeking to break-through?

  • If you are clear that you are here to play the role of change agent in this time of rapid transformation...
  • If you recognize that your unique gifts may be geared to catalyzing and supporting people as they face into waves of uncertainty and overwhelm...
  • If you sense that you may have incarnated at this specific time to serve as a Pivot Point  - one who, by coming home to him/herself, leads by being an example of what is truly possible...

...then the greatest gift you can offer to all of us is your commitment to establish your own true inner security.

In other words, those of us holding a vision of a more generative and supportive reality must cultivate generativity and support within ourselves first! Read more on the blog here:

If, in the face of this current global instability, you are ready to commit to "being the change you wish to see" - follow this link to discover how you can join us in the first wave of our "pay it forward" Self-Resourcing Co-Lab.

FAQ's About Joining the Self-Resourcing Co-Lab

Calling all Change Agents and Catalysts...

Did YOU come here - at this specific time - to help us shed the subconscious, fear-based encoding that has kept us bound in lack and limitation?

If you have ever had the sense that you were not designed to "fit" into this world and, instead, you are more interested in cultivating a more beautiful, inclusive and mutually beneficial reality, take the "Change Catalyst" Self-Identity Quiz.

Change Catalysts Self-Identity Quiz

Self Resourcing Reset - Interview & Process

Drew Gerber, of Wasabi Publicity, interviews Elyse Hope Killoran about finding resilience and resourcefulness in the midst of our current challenges. Includes a powerful Self Resourcing Reset process (begins at 7:15) that you can participate in to experience a 5 to 15% increase in your sense of personal resourcing. Note: There are a few instances where the connection between Budapest, Hungary and Princeton, New Jersey froze for 10-15 seconds - but those moments of disconnection were few and far between.

Our Coming Home to Ourselves Icon

Our hummingbird represents: Flexibility, agility and dynamic stability - under any and all conditions.

Inner balance: See in our hummingbird an embodied foundation of true inner security. Appreciate her poise, confidence and dignified bearing. One can recognize that the bird has a secure internal base which enables her to maintain balance without needing anything external (like a branch) to depend upon.

Agility and adaptability: Hummingbirds are capable of flying right, left, up, down, backwards (and even upside down). 

Integrated embodiment: 3 rings represent mind, body and emotions all in harmonic equilibrium.

Energy and vitality: Hummingbirds flap their wings in a figure 8 motion close to 100 times per second. And that is just a baseline. When the stakes are high - if they are courting a potential mate perhaps - they then flap their wings twice as many times per second.

Perseverance and resilience: These tiny birds weight only a few ounces yet they travel great distances tirelessly with great courage and tenacity.

Contribution, collaboration and co-evolution: Hummingbirds and flowers have an “evolutionary love affair” that benefits the entire planet.

Transformational catalysts: Because they have mastered flying on a whole dimension beyond other members of their species, hummingbirds are the perfect icons for catalysts and change agents who are committed to supporting others during times of  transition and transformation.

Shift in perspective:  With their range of capacities, hummingbirds see the world from multiple perspectives simultaneously. And in this image, although from one perspective it might appear that the hummingbird is “trapped” in three rings, if you tune in to the regal bearing of the bird it becomes obvious that those rings are not “holding” her in any way. Instead, the three rings are the source of her confidence and self-sovereignty - as if she is the center of an atom. Clearly our beautiful icon is at cause in the world, not at effect.

If you are interested in experiencing this state for yourself, click the link below...

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"The work I have done with Elyse has been nothing short of miraculous... I’ve decided that she is the abundance angel in the guise of a brilliantly clever articulate businesswoman."

Mary Morony

"Working with Elyse has been like finding the key... My life is changing from the inside out. Every time we speak, I feel more open and know that everything is possible. Elyse is inspiring, deeply intuitive and, quite simply, awesome!!!"


"“When you enter into a coaching relationship with Elyse, you quickly realize that the Universe has answered your prayers...Like a true Goddess, Elyse walks her talk with integrity. She is among my most precious blessings. "

C.M. Clark

"I want to express my gratitude, this class or course is REALLY AMAZING!...Things have changed drastically for me...And I realize now that it is because my energies inside me are truly lined up."

Meredith Bowerman

"….my experience has been nothing short of miraculous! The demonstrations, powerful healing and outright miracles I have experienced over the past few weeks have left me with a profound sense of awe for the power of Spirit; the pure genius of this process; and the unfailing love and support I have felt. "

Susan M.

"This has been the best investment (of time and money) I’ve made in a long time! Your continuing generosity has been a great model of prosperity consciousness for all of us. "

Ted Shields

Coming Home To Ourselves is a Journey...

Beyond self-criticism and self-acceptance and self-support 

Beyond self-neglect, fear of rejection and fear of being “unlovable” self-regard and self-reliance

Beyond identity, roles and self-discovery and self-transparency

Beyond self-consciousness, self-doubt and self-encouragement and self-belief

Beyond powerlessness and self-valuing and self-assurance

Beyond self-guardedness and coping and defense self-empowerment and self-trust

Beyond the need to prove our self-honoring and self-referencing for approval

Beyond attachments and the need to self-cherishing and self-belonging

Beyond co-dependency, romance-addiction and needy self-determination and self-devotion

Beyond invisibility and playing self-presence and self-orientation

Beyond people-pleasing and lack of a healthy self-sovereignty and self-fulfillment

Beyond trying to save, fix and autonomy and generativity

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Coming Home to Ourselves

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